Tomorrowland Dreamville Marketplace 2022

Finally, after 2 years of Covid Shellter was able to realise the restructured Tomorrowland Dreamville Marketplace, together with the great team of Tomorrowland and all the partners we have created almost 30.000m2 of shops, drinks, food and leisure. 6 brand new Shellter S-10 structures were the eye-catchers of the Marketplace.

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The RedBull Basecamp is centrally placed and constructed with the ShellterWood box  combined with the Shellter S-10. 300 m2 drinks on the ground floor and 300m layer deck for VIP.

Backstage at the Tour de France 2020, during the pandamic.

It was the 24th time this year that Stef Mertens was Field manager at the Tour de France 2020. Every day during the event he and 50 colleagues build the start, the relay stage and the finish line. All material is transported in 30 trucks.

To his delight, none of the crew was infected with Covid 19, even none of the cyclist was infected, how did the organisation achieve this.

Christmas shellter

Kerstmarkt, kerst tent, christmas shellter

The magic touch

Shellter specialises in designing events in which magic, experience, broad applicability and sustainability are central.

The structure says it all

The Shellter S10 (100 m²) and S5 (25m²) are tent structures with an emphasis on the characteristic shape and use of wood; this gives a rich, warm appearance and ensures that you do not have to add a lot of decoration. The sails are supplied in one of our standard colors, but can also be fully personalised.

Modular, can be placed on any square

The Shellters can be connected in any conceivable setup and can be placed on paved squares without ground anchors. They can also be equipped with hard (wooden) wall panels, glass facades, arches, balconies and floors.

Shellter on Wintergloed

From November 2019 to January 2020 on the Wintergloed festival in Brugge, Belgium, designed by Painting with Light our Shellter S10 is an interactive virtual reality experience. One Shellter S10 with customized exterior and interior.

Shellter premieres at Tomorrowland

On the 18th of July, two Shellter structures were launched, two 5 x 5’s and four 10 x 10’s combined were creating the new entrance to the Tomorrowland Dreamville campsite, 40.000 people go through these entrances every day. We’ve created a new standard for event structures: high-end, connectable, customisable, shorter set-up times and simply amazing to look at.

Over the last year, we’ve worked closely with the team from Tomorrowland to upgrade the entrance to surprise the arriving guest. Each 10 x 10 contains four counters, electronic check-in, gates and full lighting rig. The cover is custom printed, dual-sided, wind & waterproof.